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MSJ Student Book Club  

Mission: Reading for Pleasure!       

NEXT Meeting (W/Seton Keough): - Monday, Oct. 7, 2013, 2:35pm 

NEXT GUYS ONLY MEETING : Monday, Oct. 21, 2:35pm

Current Book Selections: "Pet Sematary" by Stephen King and "I Am the Messenger" by Markus Zusak

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* check out YA author John Green's videos on You Tube!


** contact Mrs. Wichmann or Ms. Czar if you want to join The Book Club !**


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James Patterson "I Funny, You Funny" Contest

- One Grand Prize Winner will win a VIP trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Enter at  (ages 8-15 yrs. old)


Ayn Rand Essay Contest

Write about the philosophical meaning of Rand's novels. Over $99,000 in prize money!


Stossel in the Classroom

You can WIN A TRIP TO NEW YORK when your students enter our 2012-2013
Sponsored by the Smith Family Foundation

225 CASH PRIZES for students, totaling $23,000!


Earn LOTS of great prizes by entering in Stossel in the Classroom's essay contest,

for students aged 13-18! 

ESSAY TOPIC: In John Stossel's TV special and book of the same name, "No They Can't,"

Stossel makes the case that free people and free markets do a better job of solving

problems than government. Do you think he's right? Why or why not?

Please write a 500-1000 word essay on this topic, illustrating your position using a

recent example of a problem private individuals solved where an attempted government

solution failed OR a problem government solved where private individuals' attempts had

failed. You must include at least one reference to John Stossel's "No They Can't" book

or TV special.

• 225 students will receive CASH PRIZES totaling $23,000.

• 1st and 2nd place students will also win an all-expense-paid trip to

New York City for themselves, a chaperone,

and the teachers who submitted their essays to see a live taping of STOSSEL.

• Each teacher may submit an unlimited number of student essays (500-1000 words)

on the web site between now and the Feb. 13th deadline.




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Podcast Book Reviews 

- from the New York Times; Each week, Sam Tanenhaus, the editor of the Book Review, talks to authors, editors and critics about new books; to Times colleagues about the literary scene; and checks in with Dwight Garner for best-seller news. The downloadable audio files are in mp3 format.

Free Online Books - from the University of Pennsylvania



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